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AIS SBS Startups



Our Ocean, Our Future: An Ocean of Solutions for the Islands States


6-12 October 2023 Bali, Indonesia


The blue economy provides an array of opportunities, like economic diversification, while effective marine debris management and good maritime governance ensure the long-term sustainability of ocean resources.

With regards to this, investment in the blue sector is crucial to unlocking the potential of the ocean, creating a sustainable future for island states, and mitigating the impacts of climate change.

In seeing this matter, the AIS Forum believes that it is important to scale up our attention on collaborative efforts between island states, international organisations, and scientific communities to foster innovation and knowledge exchange.

Therefore, we invite you to join us in the 2023 AIS Startup Business Summit: Our Ocean, Our Future: An Ocean of Solutions for the Islands States held in Bali, Indonesia, as a part of our 1st High Level Meeting!


The BlueBot Project


BlueBot provide more accessible nearshore reef experiences and data. By leveraging robotics and artificial intelligence, we aim to improve ocean intelligence regardless of dive status, aquatic mobility or education level.



iKOOMA using premium seaweed sustainably farmed inside the Belize Barrier Reef to create hair styling products that create lasting results without harsh chemicals.

Redox Refinery


Sea & Soil Fiji dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices and enhancing crop productivity. Together, we can cultivate a brighter future for agriculture, one that nourishes both people and the planet.

  • Traseable Solutions
    Traseable Solutions is a data company that specializes in digitalization and traceability, working mainly in the agriculture and fisheries sectors in emerging economies.

  • Banoo
    Banoo aims to help improve people’s food resilience by providing affordable technology that can increase aquaculture production and escalate fish farmer income by increasing water quality and dissolved oxygen in deep water.

  • Biopac
    Biopac manufacture seaweed-based biopackaging to tackle plastic waste pollution and to create a new market opportunity for seaweed farming that would be economically beneficial for seaweed farmers and help more CO2 sequestration.

  • Collabit
    Collabit is an Indonesian Marine Biotech Processing startup focusing on the 100% utilization of fish from the huge fishery industry in the country. Using circular blue economy and marine biotechnology, we turn undervalued marine by-products into high-value, nutritious marine-ingredients.

  • Crustea
    Crustea develop the eco-friendly aerator by solar PV integrated with smart energy and smart IoT Pond Monitoring and Controlling System to increase the productivity of pond farmers, meet the needs of farmers from pre, installation, and post-harvest and also ensure food security in Indonesia and for building sustainable & advanced aquaculture ecosystem.

  • OceanKita
    OceanKita aims to fight and mitigate marine debris and pollution by providing comprehensive, cost/effective technological solutions for collection to plastic processing. Furthermore, we also focus on the awareness programs for companies, individuals, organizations, decision makers, etc to maximize our impacts.

  • Rezycology
    Rezycology provides a holistic plastic recycling monitoring system through mobile application, integrated ERP and partner development services to empowered plastic waste aggregators digitize their business in order to improve their standards of recyclables sales.

  • Venambak
    Venambak provides clean technology to reduce the environmental impact of aquaculture & increase its productivity with an integrated aeration system. Creating more harvest with less water, less waste and less energy through climate smart aquaculture. Our vision is decarbonization of aquaculture through clean technology.

  • Kee Farms
    Kee Farms is a regenerative ocean farm network with a focus on climate change mitigation and revitalizing existing coastal communities.

  • Clean Spatial Solution
    Clean Spatial Solution focused on waste repurposing specializes in transforming discarded plastic materials into innovative and sustainable plastic products. Through advanced recycling and upcycling techniques, we seeks to reduce environmental pollution, promote circular economy principles, and create valuable, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic items.

  • Honko Salama
    The Honko Salama project is involved in the production of mangrove nurseries in order to restore the degraded mangrove ecosystem in southwest Madagascar. It carries out the delivery of the products, the training of the local population on the importance of mangroves and the follow-up of the young shoots with the help of a drone.

  • Properly
    Properly is a Madagascar-based specialised in natural ingredients for the food, cosmetics, and nutraceutical markets.Our mission is to increase the value of biodiversity, with a focus on micro-algae, to contribute to feeding 10 billion people by 2050 while preserving our Blue Planet.

  • Paradise Sea Salt
    Paradise Sea Salt is the only existing project up to today that harvests sea salt from the Maldives ocean. Using our natural abundant resources, we will use our business to scale up our economy by telling our inspiring, innovating stories. To gain our customer’s loyalty and gain all their trust in our service and products.
  • Alimentary Systems
    New Zealand
    Alimentary Systems, The Nelson BioResource Recovery Plant (BRRP) uses technology that mimics a cow’s digestive system to increase renewable energy output by 400%. The recovery of energy and nutrients enables a circular economy, achieving both zero waste and no liquid discharge into oceans.

  • Eco & NEW
    Eco & Niue Entrepreneurial Women (NEW) is the agency for Coastal Resource Management for Empowerment (CReME) which leads two types of exclusive experience packages: (1) Ocean Soul Stays and (2) Pristine Pacific Explorers for Ocean Conscious Travel.

  • Hiri Coral
    Papua New Guinea
    Hiri Coral PNG is a PNG-based startup focused on restoring dying and damaged reefs by growing climate-resilient corals and transplanting them into threatened reefs. Founded by a social entrepreneur driven to solve one of our planet’s greatest challenges: preserving the reefs we love.

  • Bambuhay
    Bambuhay is a greentech social enterprise focusing on the circular economy that innovates products that cause no harm to people or the planet and uses business to implement solutions to plastic pollution, deforestation, climate change, and poverty using Bamboo and technology.

  • Revolve
    Revolve Eco-Logical Outerwear OPC is a Philippines-based startup that produces corporate merchandise and other consumer products using recycled PET bottles.

  • Grow Life Solutions
    Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
    Grow Life Solution’s is a St. Vincent and The Grenadines-based startup with the prime function to convert the invasive seaweed sargassum into an alternative organic fertilizer.

  • Weaving Social Change
    Weaving Social Change Samoa is committed to fostering sustainability by providing training to our youth, enabling them to engage in the production and sale of our products within our specialized market niche.

  • Aquaman Supplies
    Aquaman Supplies is dedicated to delivering high-quality, locally sourced seafood products to meet communities’ needs to provide tasteful, healthier, and affordable fresh, frozen, and value-added seafood products, fostering strong customer relationships, and contributing to sustainability in the fishing industry.

  • Ocean Purpose Project
    The Ocean Purpose Project is a Singapore-based startup that provide solution consist of frontier high-tech solutions of plastic to hydrogen and low-cost, low-tech solutions of seaweed bioremediation.

  • Haleta Seaweed
    Solomon Islands
    Haleta Seaweed is a Solomon Islands-based farming enterprise that creates job opportunities for the livelihoods of women and youth in rural communities by replanting seaweed while creating a carbon sink.

  • The Empress Kingdom
    Sri Lanka
    The Empress manufactures toxic chemical-free bath & body products with blends of Ceylon herbs, botanicals, spices, essential oils, carrier oils, and the use of sustainable packaging and practices to offer good products to the people and planet.

  • Tifen’s Design
    Tifen’s Design is a Suriname-based fashion brand that combines technology and sustainability. Tifen’s Design create stylish garments using cutting-edge fabrics made from recycled materials.

  • Mangaliliu Marine Coastal Rehabilitation
    Mangaliliu Marine Coastal Rehabilitation is a Vanuatu-based project motivated by a vision of a healthier ocean, community, and reduced school dropouts, has undertaken research and community-driven initiatives.

  • Yumi Smat
    Yumi Smat is a Vanuatu-based startup assisted in the reduction of single-use plastics by combining plastic waste with local materials to create innovative products.



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After a sideline discussion at the Ocean Conference 2017 in New York City and a follow-up Conference on the Archipelagic and Island States Forum in Jakarta in 2017, a common understanding among AIS participating countries was born. The Archipelagic and Island States Forum was then formally established through the adoption of the Manado Joint Declaration during the first Ministerial Meeting of the participating countries on 1 November 2018.

The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum is a platform designed to include island states and archipelagic countries regardless of their region, size, and development level. A global initiative that brings together 51 archipelagic and island nations to take part in a collective forum addressing challenges of ocean resource usage for sustainable economic growth, climate change resiliency, ocean pollution, emergency management, and the enhancement of sustainable fisheries.


The Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum stands as a visionary platform, purposefully crafted to encompass the participation of 51 diverse archipelagic and island nations from across the globe. Its overarching mission is to facilitate a collective forum aimed at addressing the pressing issue of sustainable development. Within this forum, these nations come together to forge international partnerships and foster cooperation in their shared commitment to sustainable development. By uniting their efforts and expertise, the AIS Forum plays a pivotal role in harnessing the collective power of these island states to tackle the environmental, economic, and social challenges they face while striving to build a more sustainable and interconnected world.
Five years after the establishment of the AIS Forum, leaders from AIS countries have agreed to strengthen commitment for collaboration among nations. On 11th October 2023 in Bali, Indonesia, at the First High Level Meeting of the AIS Foru,, 32 AIS countries agreed to adopt the Leaders’ Declaration on the Solidarity of the Archipelagic and Island States. The adoption of this declaration marked a significant step for the AIS Forum to further elevate its position in the global scheme. The Declaration focuses on four collaborative areas, which are:

Our Team offers an insightful glimpse into the exceptional individuals who comprise the driving force behind the Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum. These dedicated professionals work cohesively to realize our mission and objectives. The AIS Forum, as a platform, is thoughtfully designed to incorporate the active participation of 51 archipelagic and island states from various corners of the world, uniting them within a collective forum to address the critical concerns of sustainable development.

The AIS Forum’s role is to facilitate close cooperation between archipelagic and island states in its four working areas. The forum has fostered connections and collaborative projects through its partnerships with private enterprises, government authorities, universities, NGOs, media and global or regional organisations. This approach aims to create a network of experts, researchers and policymakers who can provide insight and support to the AIS programme.

Thamrin Menara Tower

Menara Thamrin, Gedung, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.Kav. 3, RT.2/RW.1, Kb. Sirih, Kec. Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10250


AIS Forum Collaborates with the United Kingdom to Enhance the Digital Ecosystem in Coastal Areas through Indonesia Digital Ecosystem Assessment (IDEA)

VENAMBAK’s Clean Technology for Climate Smart Aquaculture

Eco-Aerator: A Smart Choice for Pond Electricity Savings!

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Efficient Policy and Stakeholder Engagement: A Key to Achieve Ocean Sustainability

Bali Ocean Days 2024: AIS Forum’s Commitment to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation in the Blue Economy

VENAMBAK’s Clean Technology for Climate Smart Aquaculture

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to our monthly newsletter


Efficient Policy and Stakeholder Engagement: A Key to Achieve Ocean Sustainability

Bali Ocean Days 2024: AIS Forum’s Commitment to Accelerate Sustainable Innovation in the Blue Economy

VENAMBAK’s Clean Technology for Climate Smart Aquaculture

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AIS Forum Collaborates with the United Kingdom to Enhance the Digital Ecosystem in Coastal Areas through Indonesia Digital Ecosystem Assessment (IDEA)

VENAMBAK’s Clean Technology for Climate Smart Aquaculture

Eco-Aerator: A Smart Choice for Pond Electricity Savings!

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